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Frequently asked questions about rentals

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

25 years old and up


Do I have to put down a deposit?

Yes a deposit is needed. We require a $300 deposit on a MAJOR credit card or a $500 deposit on a BANK ISSUED debit card.


Can I pay with cash?

The initial deposit has to be on a MAJOR credit card or a BANK ISSUED debit card. You can pay the final balance with cash once you return the rental and we’ll refund your card.


Do I need insurance?

Yes, drivers are required to have full coverage on a personal vehicle. The renter will need full collision and comprehensive. We do not sell collision or comprehensive insurance.


Can there be multiple drivers in a rental?

Yes, however each driver must meet all qualifications and there is a $5.99 charge per day, for each additional driver.


Is the mileage unlimited?

Yes, but our vehicles are only allowed within the New England states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut). Any vehicles found out of the New England states, will accrue a .99 cent charge per mile.


Is smoking allowed in your rental vehicles?


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For over 10 years, Neighborhood Rent-A-Car of North Dartmouth, MA has worked with insurance and repair shops to get you a rental or loaner car during your extended repair project. No matter how long you need the car, Neighborhood Rent-A-Car is here to get you back on the road.


24-hour roadside assistance is available when you need it.

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